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  1. Saraswati Academy reserves the right to debar any student found guilty of any misconduct in the school. Following will be treated as misconduct- · Riotous or disorderly behaviour during and outside the classes. Wilful damage to the study material provided by the school Saraswati Academy. Wilful damage to the property of the school Saraswati Academy. Absence of a student for more than 10 days in a stretch or habitual absence viz. not attending class regularly, non-payment of school fee on the due date. Disturbing other students or students in any manner.
  2. If the student does not follow the guidelines and rules set by the school, even after a second warning, School will have the right to cancel the enrolment of such student and the management will have no burden to prove indisciplinary act of said, student.
  3. School/Management shall not be responsible for the indecent activities done by students inside or outside the premises. Students are instructed not to join classes with ill/sick health.
  4. Students found guilty of misconduct eve-teasing, in taking a cigarette, tobacco, alcohol or other prohibited toxicants, will be terminated on the day and concerned information will be sent to their parents.
  5. Saraswati Academy reserves the right to make any alternation in its educational programme for the welfare of students without any prior notice to the students, parents or guardians.
  6. Saraswati Academy reserves the right to use the photographs of any students for extension and publicity of Saraswati Academy.
  7. All students must come to school and attend all school functions in complete school uniform.
  8. Reach school 10 minuts before assembly.
  9. Parents should attend all P.T.M
  10. In case of any dispute, the decision of the management will be final. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Haldwani court, District Nainital, Uttarakhand.