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Norms Followed in Fee Fixation(10 % Increased as per Rules  Every Year)
School fees at Saraswati Academy is fixed based on the following expenditure,

A. Salary and Allowances

  • Principal
  • Teaching Staff
  • Non-Teaching Staff
  • E.P.F Contribution
  • Administration and Maintenance
  • Electricity Charge
  • Water Charges
  • Telephone & Mobile Phone Charge
  • Internet and SMS Services
  • Postage
  • Printing
  • Stationery Items
  • Examination Expenses
  • Books and Periodicals (Library)
  • Teaching Aids
  • Sports and Games
  • Incentives for Good Results
  • Staff Uniform
  • Staff Welfare
  • Professional Fee (Legal & Audit)
  • Advertisement for Recruitment of Teachers
  • Gardening (Salary for gardeners and expenses on materials)
  • Security Services
  • Sanitation(Salary to the workers and expenses on materials)
  • Specific Purposes
  • Educational Tour
  • Seminar
  • Medical Expenses
  • Teaching through Technology (Smart Class or any other modern technology)
  • Events/Functions and Celebrations
  • Extra-Curricular Activities within the Curriculum


 The App is only for Saraswati Academy Haldwani. By using this app parents can view real-time details of students Like

https://saraswatiacademy.in/uploads/files/shares/FEE 24-25/Fee_24-25.pdf